Angel’s Paradise Higher Learning Academy

Angelia Gay-Bankston is CEO of Angels’s Paradise Higher Learning Academy, an educational institution that offers specialized learning programs for young children, from infancy to 5 years old, in an environment customized for each child. The company was initially founded in 1968 in Atlanta, Georgia by Arthur and Etta Gay as Gay’s Day Care and Preschool. Their daughter, Angelia, took the company’s reigns and further fortified its legacy in 1996, at which time the company was renamed. The Academy has received the highest national accreditation from The National Association for the Education of Young Children.

The mission of Angel’s Paradise is to provide a twofold learning environment: one for the child and the other for the parent. The company is committed to the highest possible development of each child on many different planes including intellectual, social, emotional, physical and cultural. Additionally, Angel’s Paradise serves as a family advocate agency to help support and foster positive relationships with a parent and the community. They stand strong on the belief that motivation for learning comes from within the child and is stimulated and cultivated by teacher and parent reinforcement, guidance and example.

A native of Atlanta, Angelia is a graduate of Frederick C. Douglass High School. She also attended Georgia State University, where she studied Public Relations & Journalism.