GNLD Wellness Center

Delmar and Dr. Shirley Carmack started with GNLD in 1984. At the time, the company was 25-years old, and specialized in whole food natural organic food supplements for adults and children, skin care and biodegradable cleaning products. After six years with the company, the Carmack’s organization became the number one (#1) team in America.

With a global impact, the Carmack’s organization claims several thousands of members across the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, the Philippines, England and Africa. In 1996, they opened GNLD Wellness Center in DeKalb County for the purpose of providing the community with comprehensive programs as well as a facility for achieving optimum health and wellness. Bringing added value to their organization, Dr. Carmack is a Dr. Sears Certified Health Coach.

Prior to the Carmack’s involvement with GNLD, Dr. Carmack was in charge of obstetrics (OB) anesthesia at Grady Memorial Hospital while Delmar worked as a general contractor. Delmar Carmack is a native of Buffalo, New York and Dr. Shirley Carmack hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

With a strong commitment to excellence in business and service to the community, the Carmack’s accomplishments have given them much recognition of which includes many awards and news articles. Accordingly, they are ranked as one of the most highly sought-after teams in the network marketing industry.