Membership Campaign Reception & Member-to-Member Expo

The Atlanta Business League (ABL) is a membership based organization focused on the growth and development of African-American business owners and professionals in metro Atlanta.

The ABL Membership Campaign Reception is held annually to recruit new members into the organization. Membership dues are reinvested back into the organization to provide programming for members of the Atlanta Business League and outreach to the greater community.

It is true that there is power in numbers. When ABL approaches businesses, corporations and governmental entities in an effort to garner support and build partnerships for members, it speaks volumes to represent a strong base of business owners that employ thousands who directly impact the economics of the metro Atlanta area and the state.

The Member-to-Member Business Expo is a new component designed to allow ABL business members to exhibit their business while other members visit them. The Expo is an opportunity for supplier diversity and purchasing managers, organizational leaders and professionals to meet ABL member businesses, while encouraging member businesses to network amongst each other. This focused exchange results in members getting to know each other while exploring business opportunities with each other.