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SWAYBO was founded in 1974 by Ed Menifee Sr., President of Southeastern Management and Business Development Company. Serving in this capacity, he identified a need to develop programs designed to provide disadvantaged youth with training and hands-on experience in various business fields.

Formed to teach youth how to manage their organization as a business, SWAYBO members secured a loan of $25 from Mt. Calvary Baptist Church. With the $25, members of SWAYBO financed their first fund-raising venture and repaid the loan plus 10% interest within fifty days. Since its inception in 1974, members of the Southwest Atlanta Youth Business Organization have participated in over 500 business ventures, empowering them with practical experience.

They have also awarded over $20,500 in book scholarships to high school graduates and college students while donating over $20,000 in money and clothing to needy families. Other outreach services include gifts in excess of $5,000 in cards, flowers, and fruit baskets to sick and bereaved persons. The youth have also enjoyed thirty-four (34) domestic and international educational excursions. Learn more about Southwest Youth Business Organization.


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